Fibre Engineer

Fibre Engineer

Job title : Fibre Engineer

Location : Reading, Bristol, Manchester, Newcastle, Leeds, Watford, Dartford, Southampton & Preston

Department: Telecoms
Project Location(s): Various UK locations

Description :

The role involves the following duties but may vary :

  • Fusion splicing sm/mm fibre optic cables.
  • Ensuring that work is delivered on time, within budget and to the customer’s satisfaction
  • Responsible for the quality of the agreed installation
  • Agreeing Installation ‘design’ with the customer prior to start of work.
  • Performing site surveys as required by customer
  • Providing a high quality installation to the customer agreed expectations
  • Completion of work job packs / Survey returns completion
  • Ensuring tasks are completed within the correct timescales
  • Rodding or Cut & draw installation of fibre optic cable
  • Sealing risers and ducts correctly
  • Splicing within U/G and aerial Splice Joints where required
  • External surface mount cabling to correct standards
  • Internal surface mount cabling utilising both Fibre Optic and CAT5/6E cabling
  • Overhead installation of Fibre Optic cables
  • Blowing Blown Fibre Bundle from FDP to PMC
  • Identifying and splicing fibre in pick up node
  • Creating mini nodes
  • Installing Blown Fibre Gas Seal Units
  • Splicing fibres through existing nodes
  • Creating and splicing Nodes
  • Creating Blown Fibre Tube joints or intercepting existing tubing
  • Installing PMC (transition Joint) PM/UG
  • Installing CBTs PM/UG
  • Splicing ULW into FDPs
  • High standard of OTDR and ILM testing/ Power meter testing (1310/1550)
  • Chromatic Dispersion/Polarisation mode dispersion testing if required/overhead cabling / drop wire provision and working on poles.
  • experience in layout and splicing of pole mounted DPs, Splitters CSPs etc.



Experience is required.

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We were amazed by how little effort was required on our part to have Infusion on board supporting us. We exchanged a few phone calls and e-mails, and they handle the rest.

Michael O’connor
Director, Venture Properties

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